Analytical Testing ~ UVLight, Digital MicroScope, and FLIR Imaging: Here at our studios were are able to undertake further in depth analysis of paintings and other objects through infrared thermal imaging, and ultraviolet light imaging with our digital and stereo microscopes. These tests allow us to examine the pigment layers, underpainting, pigment grounds, substrates, fibers, ceramic compounds and much more—and to see more clearly the identifying markers of previous repairs, re-touching and in-fills. Not just perhaps from the 20th century but also from centuries past.

**It is always best to undertake these analysis while the artwork is unveiled, cleaned, and not yet re-touch or re-varnished.

Ultra Violet Light ~ Duel Wavelength Photo Documentation: With this light in our dark room, we can capture imaging with our high resolution UV light spectrum array. This type of photo documentation will clearly reveal areas on painted surfaces where there is over-painting and re-touching on the surface of the composition that is not original, and was done at a later period than the original Artist’s brushwork and pigment layers. We can produce a series of images in jpeg. and tiff. format that are full images of the artworks, as well as closer up details of the composition.

ArmScope and Digital Microscope: We can analyze and capture detailed imagery of designated and selected areas on the surface of the painting compositions where we have identified previous in-painting and re-touching with our stereo micro- scope and digital microscope cameras. Or we can undertake fiber identification, cross-section sampling, core sampling, or other direct investigation of surface structures. This large swing arm microscope can reach over large paintings and objects to capture images with various lens attachments and light settings

FLIR Infrared Thermal Dynamic Imaging: Our dark room facility is used to capture images with our high resolution and sensitivity thermal infrared camera. We can look for details or changes to differentiate original pigment layers from over painted pigment layers in the color spectrum of paintings pigments, ceramics, porcelain, glass, objects, and other materials for analytical study.

Prepare Summary Report and Edit Zip Files: We will write up a comprehensive and formal summary report of our research findings and analytical data from all of the above testing, documentation and conservation cleaning, stabilization and preservation treatments. The digital photo documentation files from all types of image capturing will be edited, tagged, titled and labeled for foddering into a zip files—then forwarded to the client.

ID-Stretch Color Spectrum Imaging: This photo documentation processes images in the full color spectrum into “x-ray like” high contrast images to reveal potential areas of highlighted over-painting(s) and previous repairs. The available enhancements are:  CRGB (pink/reds), YDT (general contrast), YRD (orange/reds), YBK (blacks), YRE (reds), YYE (yellows), YWE (whites), and RGB0 (blue/reds).