Art Conservation de Rigueur

By The Clarion List

Art Conservation de Rigueur et Anoxia Abatement Solutions announces the expansion of our private practice. We are now providing Emergency and Disaster Preparedness and Recovery, Conservation Museum Assessment, Integrated Pest Management, Mold and Microbial Abatement and Remediation both in quarantined in-situ environments and remote. These complement the other complete conservation services we offer for the care and presentation of a wide variety of historic objects, antiques and contemporary textiles and decorative arts. Our new conservation studio offers a greater capacity to work concurrently on multiple projects and accommodate objects of a much larger scale. Our practice has served museums, historical and cultural institutions, private collectors, galleries, architects, and designers in the U.S. and internationally. Uniquely, we work in close collaboration with custom mount crafters, framers, curators, research historians, ASA appraisers and other specialized conservators to meet the specific needs of each client.

Conservation is the application of technical, scientific, and artistic analysis to the preservation and treatment of historical objects and artifacts. Art Conservation de Rigueur provides professionally skilled care for collectors and institutions, some of these service include, but are not limited to, condition surveys, treatment recommendations, repairs, exhibition and display design, mount preparation and fabrication, cleaning, restoration, archival storage and environmental management. We consult with architects in the design of exhibit and storage facilities, lighting, HVAC systems and other aspects as they pertain to the housing and display of artistic and historic works. Our experienced approach combine the finest traditional materials, old world craftsmanship, and aesthetic sensibilities, with state of the art archival and conservation science and technology methods to produce truly museum quality conservation and restoration for a broad classification and origin of artistic works.

Deterioration, degradation and damage due to age, environment, accident, or mishandling is a fact of life with all artwork, as it is with all physical objects. Conservation treatments are a means by which these detrimental processes can be slowed down in an attempt to preserve the cultural heritage and significance of an object for the benefit of present and future generations. Damage and neglect disfigure art. While, restorative treatments return objects to their former integrity. The best way to sustain and extend the life of any valuable is to improve its environment. Our projects range from the minute to the grand, whether you possess a single work, family heirloom or are the caretaker of a comprehensive collection, we will work with you to devise a practical conservation strategy.